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Generally speaking, a works cited list (or a reference page) references only the items that are actually cited in the text, not the items used in preparation for the creation of the paper. A bibliography, on the other hand, consists of everything cited in the paper and also all of the material used to prepare to create the paper. Essay Citations

Research Guides: MLA Style: Basics: Citing Multiple Works in ... Corresponding Works Cited entries. Goulimari, Pelagia. Literary Criticism and Theory: From Plato to Postcolonialism. Routledge, 2014. Russell, D. A., and Michael Winterbottom. Classical Literary Criticism. Oxford UP, 2008. ¹ According to the MLA Handbook, if you want to cite multiple sources in one in-text citation you will separate... MLA Citation Format - Works Cited Generator by Citation Machine A written work or composition found in print, or digitally as an e-book. Can be non-fiction or fiction. Examples of Works Cited Pages

Provides APA Style guidelines on citing multiple references within parentheses.

It is within the public domain, and therefore does not have to be cited. It is considered common knowledge and therefore does not have to be cited. When two or more works by the same author are being included in a works cited page, which of the following pair of citations would be correct? I cited items from different pages of same source in one ... This works best with direct quotes because it indicates that the first quote is from page 23 and the second from 32. The cited text must directly follow each other. If you break your citations up within the paragraph, you can cite the first, (Smith 23) and then later add (32) after the second citation. Works Cited Page - MLA Style Guide: 8th Edition - LibGuides ... Multiple Works To cite two or more works by the same author(s), give the author name(s) in the first entry only. In the entries for subsequent works, in place of the author name(s), type three hyphens (---) followed by a period, and then the title and the rest of the citation as per the rules in this section.

Information about the symptoms and causes for hypertension (found on two different pages within the website) would be cited as follows: The in-text citations for the webpages cited above would be: (Mayo Clinic, 2016a). (Mayo Clinic, 2016b). For more information, please consult Tim McAdoo's post in the APA Style Blog.


Multiple citations. A convention sometimes used in physics journals is to “collapse” a group of related citations into a single entry in the bibliography.

Help talk:Citation Style 1/Archive 5 - Wikipedia Was this 100% printed in the telegraph newspaper or just published online, can we be certain of that?. If I'm citing a physical newspaper then i would use cite news and then I would go down the route you have, but if its web then I see… Wikipedia talk:Reliable sources/Archive 30 - Wikipedia

This sample Works Cited page is based on one found at "A Research Guide for Students," by I. Lee—Chapter 10. (There's a link to this guide on TallMania.) This ...

APA style uses the author's name and publication date. If you have multiple citations from the same author, there is a known Word 2010 bug where the citation generator fills in the publication title when it's not supposed to. If this happens to you, see the section entitled, 'APA 5th Edition citation style fix procedure below.

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